Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to the most common questions trade users may have. Staff members are expected to know the answers to these questions.

What is False?
What is Price Abuse?
What is Flood?
Someone Tried to Scam me, what do I do?
I was Scammed, what do I do?
Why Can't I use Smilies Over Size w7 in my Name?
Why is Trade Subscribers Only?
How do I buy a day from a Moderator?
How do I Become a Moderator?
Why is Trade English Only?
Staff Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the most common questions staff members may have. If you are interested in becoming a moderator or already are one, read the information below.

A User Reported Something and I Don't Know how to Handle it
How do I Handle an Attempted Scam/Scam Report?
Someone Said Something in a Different Language and Users are Reporting it is Inappropriate, but I Don’t Know What it Means.
How do I ban Someone That Isn’t in my Pool or is Offline?
I Think Someone has a Smilie in Their Name That’s Over w7, but I Can’t Tell for Sure Because When I Hover Over it, it Cuts off the Screen Before it Says the Size.

Have a question that isn’t listed here? Comment it below, see if it’s on the Moderator’s Guide, or ask a staff member!