Clarifying the “Don’t troll” rule

There’s a major concern that bubbled up about the kicking and banning of moderators on “Don’t troll” .
Several people made comments that were very concerning and troublesome about it.

Trolling is certainly not accepted.
But what is trolling?

When a user posts stuff like “Selling Gold 70k” – “Buying Gold 20k” or “Buying Namecolor for 1 Xat” That particular stuff is called trolling, when you see that the user is really pushing it.
But if a user posts stuff like “Selling 10 days 160 xats” – “Selling Namecolor 9,990” those are acceptable.

Moderators, members and temp moderators should have discretion and understanding of what exactly trolling is.
Some stuff is acceptable, unless a user pushes it to the limits, then that should result to a warning, or a kick, and if that user doesn’t stop, then you can ban.

I hope this post makes it clear.