Hats Power

xat’s newest power is called Hats. It includes 9 permanent hats and 4 limited pawns.

This power is an addition to the Hat power. Therefore, you will need it for this power to function.

Power Name: Hats
Power ID: 497
Power Type: Hat
Power Availability: Unlimited
Power Price: 500 xats

Hats included
[sc name=pawn pname=”Crown” code=”C” ][sc name=pawn pname=”Pirate” code=”P” ][sc name=pawn pname=”StrawHat” code=”H” ][sc name=pawn pname=”Cowboy” code=”O” ][sc name=pawn pname=”Girlhat” code=”W” ][sc name=pawn pname=”Synglasses” code=”S” ][sc name=pawn pname=”Graduation” code=”G” ][sc name=pawn pname=”Chef” code=”F” ][sc name=pawn pname=”Jester” code=”J” ]



Limited Pawns
[sc name=pawn pname=”Accmhat” code=”hm” ][sc name=pawn pname=”Gohat” code=”hh” ][sc name=pawn pname=”Celhat” code=”hc” ][sc name=pawn pname=”Ghat” code=”hG” ]

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