Ruby Power


Power Name: Ruby
Power ID: 430
Power Type: Smiley, Function
Power Availability: Unlimited
Power Price: 100000 xats

This weeks power is Ruby. It is an epic power that allows you to use a ruby coloured pawn (known as the old Everypower pawn), as well as a jewel-themed name pattern.

Usage of the Jewel-themed Name Pattern:

Add (glow#0#jewel#ColourCode#rEffect) to your name.

You can use multiple colour codes in your name, resulting in several different colours moving throughout your name. Read the wiki for more information.


This power now replaces the old Ruby everypower pawn with a green jewel pawn.



[sc name=power smiley=”ruby”][sc name=power smiley=”giveruby”][sc name=power smiley=”rubycrystal”][sc name=power smiley=”rubyfall”][sc name=power smiley=”rubyflag”][sc name=power smiley=”rubyring”]




Unlimited Pawn

[sc name=pawn pname=”Ruby” code=”R” ]