Sline Power

This weeks power is Sline. It allows you to use your own custom smiley line on any chat.

Power Name: Sline
Power ID: 452
Power Type: Function
Power Availability: Unlimited
Power Price: 200 xats


To use this power, type $sline= followed by the smilies you would like to use in your smiley line, separated by a comma (maximum of 12). For example: $sline=d,sob,wailing,smirk,cool,eek,hehe,flustered,content,dhat,ono. You must sign out and back in to see the changes.

You can also add backs or other smiley effects to each smiley by using the normal # format. For example: smile#goldb.

Powers and power smilies can also be used. However, if you do not own the respective powers, you will not be able to use them in the chat.

Limited Pawns
[sc name=pawn pname=”Narrow” code=”ha” ][sc name=pawn pname=”neon” code=”hn” ][sc name=pawn pname=”nheart” code=”hh” ]