Superanime Power

Superanime power includes 5 smilies and comes with numerous different anime themed pawns. Please note that you must have the Hat power enabled.

Power ID: 500
Power Type: Smiley & Pawns
Power Availability: Unlimited
Power Price: 

[sc name=power smiley=”superanime”][sc name=power smiley=”sanime1″][sc name=power smiley=”sanime2″][sc name=power smiley=”sanime3″][sc name=power smiley=”sanime4″]




Limited Pawns
[sc name=pawn pname=”Huh” code=”h#huh” ][sc name=pawn pname=”Chill” code=”h#chill” ][sc name=pawn pname=”Animegirl1″ code=”h#animegirl1″ ][sc name=pawn pname=”Bear” code=”h#bear” ][sc name=pawn pname=”Slam” code=”h#slam” ][sc name=pawn pname=”Ani1o” code=”h#anilo” ]



[sc name=pawn pname=”Ani1g” code=”h#ani1g” ][sc name=pawn pname=”Anigirl2″ code=”h#anigirl2″ ][sc name=pawn pname=”Battle1″ code=”h#battle1″ ][sc name=pawn pname=”Battle2″ code=”h#battle2″ ][sc name=pawn pname=”Boni1″ code=”h#boni1″ ][sc name=pawn pname=”Boni2″ code=”h#boni2″ ][sc name=pawn pname=”anime” code=”h#anime” ][sc name=pawn pname=”anime2″ code=”h#anime2″ ][sc name=pawn pname=”coolz” code=”h#coolz” ][sc name=pawn pname=”coolz2″ code=”h#coolz” ][sc name=pawn pname=”cutie” code=”h#cutie” ][sc name=pawn pname=”manga” code=”h#manga” ]







Superanime is a set of powers that gives you the ability to use old anime-themed pawns. It is possible to combine other hats from the Hat or Hats power with the pawns from Superanime. To do so, replace the h in your hat code to whichever code you’d like to use.

You must have at least one of each of the following powers:

Extra Informaion:

  • Superanime is a feature, not a power. This means that it cannot be traded, and each power required must be selected individually on the Trade application in order to trade it.
  • Unlike AllPowers, users are able to see if you have Superanime when viewing your Powers list.




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