How To Take Proper Screenshots

This post is about showing users how to take proper screenshots when reporting someone flaming / scamming / or breaking rules in general. Users tend to crop the screenshot when showing an owner or a moderator the proof, but that is not allowed, and the screenshot will be turned down, and not accepted, and the content will not be ban worthy if the screenshot is not properly taken.
Screenshots must have the whole chat box in the picture. No matter what you're reporting. Please make sure the whole chat box is shown, otherwise, no action will be taken no matter the circumstances.

Why must you ask?
Well, for starters, we wouldn't know if the image was manipulated to make the other user look bad.
We also need to know if the action took place on the actual Trade chat.
It shouldn't be hard to take a legit proof of what you're reporting, since Trade staff will also take their time to review the images and take the proper action needed.

Here are some examples :

Above you can see how proper screenshots will be taken. Any screenshots other than the ones above will not be accepted.
And Moderators or owners will not take action.