Travel Power

This weeks power is a smiley power called Travel. It includes 9 smilies and 2 limited pawns.

Power Name: Travel
Power ID: 457
Power Type: Smiley
Power Availability: Unlimited
Power Price: 212 xats


[sc name=power smiley=”travel”][sc name=power smiley=”bag”][sc name=power smiley=”ontheroad”][sc name=power smiley=”outhere”][sc name=power smiley=”photos”][sc name=power smiley=”saving”][sc name=power smiley=”trhat”][sc name=power smiley=”trplane”][sc name=power smiley=”trsign”]






Custom a Travel Message

You can add a custom message to the (trsign) smiley, with a maximum of 6 characters.

To do so, add “#w” to the end of the smiley code, followed by your message. For example: (trsign#wHello).







Limited Pawns
[sc name=pawn pname=”travel” code=”hb” ][sc name=pawn pname=”travel2″ code=”hs”]

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