Who is Patrick?

xat's new power is named after St Patrick. PATRICK
Get to know why the name.Saint Patrick is celebrated in many places around the world, not only by Christians.
Nowadays, it's very common to see St Patricks day Festivals
There are many symbols that represent Saint Patrick, one of them is the clover.
People from all over the world use green ribbons, with clover to celebrate Saint Patricks Day.Although, the first color associated with Saint Patrick wasn't green but blue.
Probably changed to green due to the presence of the green color in the Irish flag.He was born in the year 385, Great Britain. His original name, according to the culture, was:
Maewyn SuccatHis christian name was Patricius, which ended up being Patrick in the English version.

Around the 17th century, St Patricks' Day was observed by the Catholic Church.
It didn't take long until it became a public holiday in England, around the year of 1903.

The culture says that Patrick's history begins when raiders took him, around the age of 16
He was then taken to Ireland, as a slave.

Patrick came from a christian family, and the people of Ireland practiced a different religion.
The tales indicate that he was always alone when praying, because he was the only one of his religion.

Around his twenties, he had a dream that he believed came from God.
In this dream, he was instructed to get in a ship to go back home.
He managed to escape, and also find a boat to take him back home.

Arriving home, Patrick met with his family again.
He wanted to study to become a priest. He succeeded, after a few years, he was made ​​a bishop.

He decided to return to Ireland (where he had been kidnapped). And began to teach the people about Christianity.

He worked in Ireland for about forty years. Some say that he converted all of Ireland to Christianity.
So the stories report that he “scattered all snakes from Ireland.”

After that, he retired and died on 17 March, in the year 461.
He died in the same place where he built his first church.

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