A Few Changes To Trade

It was brought to my attention recently that some rules need to be put under review, and that I should pay closer attention to how we operate in general.

Some users believe that I disregard reports and don't do anything about it. This is not true. I take all reports and feedback's and review them carefully in order to keep the chat clean. I do take actions right away if necessary.

After a review of our rules, I have decided to make the following changes:

    • Rule 1 has been changed to: The only language that is acceptable here is English. If you know another language and would like to help a user who uses that language, then please include English translations so that everyone knows what is being communicated and this includes in private messages and private chats.
    • Rule 4 has been changed to: Generally, posting images, videos, or other creative content is allowed, as long as the content comes from mainstream websites like YouTube or Imgur. Linking things from the xat forum is acceptable. Drawing signs to a homepage or status is not allowed unless the content in the homepage is also content that can be posted in the main chat. Users with unofficial chats in their name or status is prohibited. Having a chats name in your name or status is fine and homepages with any unofficial chats is fine as long as it doesn't drawing any attention.
    • Rule 7 add-on: Users can now find out how to earn ranks by typing the word ranks on chat.
    • Rule 10 has been changed to: Trading xats, powers, or days for off-site currency is prohibited. The only currency allowed is xat's currency, and includes xats, powers and days. Buying or selling identification numbers is not allowed in name, status, main chat, private chat or in private message. Selling xats, powers, or days for off-site currency is prohibited in status, unless noted otherwise. Buying or selling any other product or service is prohibited.
    • Rule 17 was removed: The main reason behind rule 17 being removed is, users come to trade to get the powers they want. Also there's some rare occasions that users will have discussion, and if they do it's mainly about powers or prices of a power. The discussions doesn't really last long. If users do have a discussion it does disrupt trade and that was bound to happen, so we have decided to remove it and let users go on with their trading.

Another subject that was brought to my attention is, some moderators do not take the right actions when another user is breaking the rules. I won't list who. But I do expect every moderators to take the appropriate actions when they see someone breaking the rules. The rules were put here to keep the chat clean and for a very good reason.

If you the moderator are unaware for what actions you should take, then you should be discreet about it and consult another moderator or owner to find out what the appropriate actions should be. We also have a moderators guide table for a reason and that link can be found here.

Moderators: If you see another temp moderator or moderator breaking rules or doing something wrong, you should speak to them in private chat and consult them about their actions. Do not bring it up in main chat as it will just lead to drama and no one likes that. If it does continue, please report the user to an owner and they look into it from there.

Owners: When temp modding another user, ask yourself these questions first:

  1. Does the user have perfect understanding of the new rules that were put in place?
  2. Does this user have a good history with trade and how it operates?
  3. Do you think this user will cause any trouble with anyone?
  4. Does the user understand English enough for them to communicate with us and help us achieve our goals?

If any owners are unsure about who to make a temp moderator, then they should talk to another owner and go from there.

Some staff information was previously updated too. If you were unaware of that, then here was the update:

    • Moderators and owners are now allowed to use /pr ONLY if there's a raid and owners can now use /karp if there's a raid.
    • Moderators should always check every pool to see if a moderator is required in them.
    • If you plan on going away from keyboard, then you should go into the staff pool so another moderator can look after that pool.

Banning with sufficient evidence is one of the major thing needs to be reviewed. How are we suppose to ban with sufficient evidence? There's a guide on how to do so here. Moderators be discreet on how you are suppose to take actions. If you are unsure on how to take proper actions, then click here and read the moderators guide table.

Reporting scams, user attempting to scam or false trades are in different categories, but when it comes to reporting either one they land in one category. Scam reports, attempted scams or false trades should be reported to a moderator and the moderator should pass the evidence to the following users: Cupim, Exit, Guinho, Trey or I (Maverick) and we will look into it, unless stated otherwise.

If the user was scammed, then a moderator or owner should try to help the user out and direct s/he to reporting a scam and directly to a ticket.

Finally, demoting user who were once temp moderators and now members should be demoted to guest since they are not on the  staff list. If you see any of those users, then please demote them to guest. Keeping them as member gets confusing to other moderators and owners and also messes up X hours they should be temp modded for.

We appreciate all of those who help out on trade and we would like to thank you for helping us out.

This is some General Information update based off each ranks and should be clarified with each and every rank.

Feel free to send me a message via e-mail if you have any questions or concerns about this post. Make sure to include your username and ID. I will review what you have to say and make notes of it.

Some of these updates may be subjected to change in the future.