Clarifications On Minor Things For Staff

1. Temporary Moderators and Members are not allowed under any circumstances to ask for temp or rank. 
If you do so, you will have two warnings against you, then that will lead to a demotion. And you will NOT get your rank back.

2. Splitting pools has also been an issue, you are allowed to stay in trade pool, but if it’s a busy day and all the moderators are camping in one pool, that’s certainly not acceptable. And that will also lead to two warnings and a demotion followed.

3. Using Yellowcards, ban games, etc.. is also not allowed.

4. Staff not moving to staff pool when you’re AFK is not acceptable, when you feel like you’re not gonna be active and pay attention to the chat, please move to staff pool.

5. Temporary moderators are to use guest self whenever their temp is up.