Clarifications On Minor Things!

It was brought to my attention last meeting that some big clarifications needs to be done and that I should pay closer attention to how we operate in the chat and handle users.

Each discussion in the meeting were highlighted in bold and categorized based on importance and what needed to be clarified due to some minor issues with some staff members.

Nothing major was changed, this was just a reminder and clarification for things that some didn’t understand.

Rule Reviews: 

  • Rule 2: Hours on mguide were changed to 1-8 hours. Really bad swears such as f-bombs are worth 24 hours.
  • Inappropriate symbols, smileys or a set of characters is not allowed at all in name, status or in chat. Rule 3: Hours on mguide  were changed to 2-4 hours.
  • Sending the flip smiley it not consider flame, sending the flip smiley with someone’s name is considered flame which is a kick. Repetitive is a ban.
  • Rule 6: Hours on mguide were changed to 1-3 hours.
  • Rule 7: Hours on mguide were changed to 1-2 hours.

Banning and Moderators: 

I’ve noticed a couple temp-moderators and moderators banning for hours above the Moderator’s Guide which is unacceptable. I won’t list who, but I do expect you to follow the guide from now on.

The Moderator’s Guide was created for a very specific reason and that reason is to help out on trade, not for you to abuse your privileges to ban above the hours or personal reasons.

If you are caught or reported for banning above the hours, then you will be warned and second time will be demoted right away. No questions asked or warnings given.

If an owner or I (Maverick) tell you that you can ban for more hours, then you may do so, other than that the answer is no.

We will not tolerate a temp-moderator or moderator breaking any of the mguide hours anymore.

If anyone temp-moderator or moderator is doing so, then feel free to report him/her.

This is just a reminder to all temp-moderators and moderators.


Temp-moderators are not made because we felt like it. Temp-moderators are made if there’s no other moderator, or if a moderator is afk (away from keyboard). Not because of favoritism or because they are friends with another or or main, they are made for helping out on trade and their performance on trade.

However, if some temp-moderators are breaking rules, then feel free to report him/her to an owner they will look into it.

If a temp-moderator is afk (away from keyboard), then an owner can demote if needed to


Moderators are allowed to unban users if they see someone who got banned unfairly by another staff member.

Here is some questions you should ask yourself first before you unban:

  1. Why did s/he get banned for?
  2. Speak to the moderator who banned the user and consult them about them first about the ban!
  3. If the moderator refuses to unban because the ban is unfair, then contact another moderator or owner about the ban and see what they say.
  4. If you unban a user who was banned fairly, then you will be demoted for going against another moderators action.

If you are unbanning, check the events page and decide if its worth unbanning or not.

If you’re unable to reach another moderator owner, then contact me here. I will handle that from there on out.


False Trade and Scam Reminders:

Users should not be calling another user out on main chat because of false trading or they were scammed. Members, moderators or owners, if you see this happening then you should ask the user to private chat you, or you private chat the user and then ask the user for proofs. Being called out in main chat a scammer or false trader is no fun and would just lead to drama.


If the user was scammed, then direct them with proper instructions on how to open a ticket. S/he should open a ticket under the Report Scam department. They do NOT need to be a paid user.

If you are unsure about how to give them any directions, then you can visit ticket directions, then proceed to help the user. If you’re still unsure, then contact another moderator or owner for help.

The user should also be reported to a permanent moderator or owner for either one to ban.

False Trade:

False trades are not happening as much as they were before, but I still brought it to some users attention. Some user change their minds on price when they already said the price in main chatOnce a price has been said then it is said.

If a user does change his or her mind in private chat (PC) when the price was set in main chat, then a moderator or owner can kick.

If it happens daily, then you can ban. 0.5 – 1 hour. This involves moderator discretion.


Fairtrade is a guide that help users out on Trade. It provides less confusion, false trades and rise of power that is not up/high.

Fairtrade is based on power prices and what most users sell for, not based on what we think or what we want.

If a power demand is high, then it will go up in xats and days, then fairtrade will be updated with the correct price to help the user out.

Users should not be abusing prices because they own the power, or feel like it, even so doing it for attention. It will just causes confusion and then a staff comes in place, then takes action if necessary.


We allow some leniency, but moderators are doing their job and their job is suppose to be watching the chat and keeping it clean.

Distracting them or posting messages that leads to drama or they find and deemed as inappropriate, trolling or disruption will lead to a kick.

If it continues, then they will ban.

Finally, we appreciate all of those who help out on trade and we would like to thank you for helping us out.

Feel free to send me a message via e-mail if you have any questions or concerns about this post. Make sure to include your username and ID. I will review what you have to say and make notes of it.