Clarifying the “Don’t troll” rule

There’s a major concern that bubbled up about the kicking and banning of moderators on “Don’t troll” .
Several users made comments that were very concerning and troublesome about it.

Trolling is certainly not accepted.
But what is trolling?

When a user posts stuff like “Selling Gold 70k” – “Buying Gold 20k” or “Buying Namecolor for 1 Xat” That particular stuff is called trolling, when you see that the user is really pushing it.
But if a user posts stuff like “Selling 10 days 160 xats” – “Selling Namecolor 9,990” those are acceptable.

Staff should use their discretion and understanding of what exactly trolling is, if you’re in doubt, ask another moderator or an owner on what to do.

I hope this post makes it clear.