Inactivity and Activity

This blog post just serves as a reminder to all Trade’s staffs. This post was not intended to be made, however it was brought to my attention by a few staff members and I decided to make this post about inactivity and activity.

I don’t expect you to be online every single day. You’re NOT required to. Whenever you have free time, that’s when you come online and moderate Trade. Even so, you don’t have to attend Trade when you don’t want to, but remember activity plays a big role in your rank(s). This isn’t a job, you’re simply dedicating time that you have to xat and Trade. And we’re very appreciative of you doing so.

Being active doesn’t mean coming online, kicking and banning users so you can get the most events in one day. It means spending time on Trade (when you have time), engaging with the user, making sure everyone is following the rules and helping any user out, if possible.

If you are going to be inactive for a long time, then please let an owner know. If you are inactive for a while without letting an owner know for any reason, then we will assume that you have quit Trade and then you will be demoted to guest. However, if you come back to Trade asking for an explanation, then you will be directed to this blog post and perhaps provided with a bit more of an explanation.

We also would like to thank staff and temporary moderators for dedicating their time to keeping the chat clean.

We might start removing some inactive staff members in the process. I will be going over this with owners and main owner, we will then proceed to take actions.

When do we plan to do so? We’ve already done so. If you are guest, then it means you were demoted for inactivity.

Do not take this the wrong way, thank you.