AFK Moderators

It has come to the attention of the Owners that many moderators are not following the Staff Information Guideline that states all AFK staff members must move to the staff pool.

The Exact Guideline is as follows:

If you are away or busy, please move to the staff pool. This will allow for other users to be made a temporary moderator.

As stated in the Moderator Guide under Staff Information Point 16… by going to staff pool when you’re AFK, Owners know if they need to make temp-mods and if the pools are being moderated or not.

Because many moderators have not followed this guideline recently, owners will now kick any moderator/temp moderator who is AFK if they do not move to the staff pool or come back to moderate within 3-5 minutes of being asked to move to the staff pool by an owner.

Please note, kicks are logged on events and events are used when reviewing staff/potential staff. Also, if you are kicked as a temp-mod, your temp will automatically end.