Pcplus Power

xat’s newest power is called Pcplus. The PCPlus power allows you to receive private chats from registered or subscribed users that you do not have added, even if you have NoPC enabled. Please note that the NoPC power is required for this power to function.

Power ID: 506
Power Type: Function
Power Availability: Unlimited
Power Price: 100 xats


By default, when this power is enabled, both subscribers and registered users will be able to PC you with NoPC active. To customize who is able to private chat you, you must use macros.

To allow only subscribed users to private chat you, use the macro $pcplus=s

To allow registered users to private chat you, use the macro $pcplus=r

If you want to disable this function without disabling the power, use the macro $pcplus=off.

Limited Pawns

[sc name=pawn pname=”pcplus” code=”hp” ]

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