Staff Meeting June 12


We are allowed to spam greetings, name, laugh as long as it is NOT abused,  even if they do a major spam like:

Don’t forget that we also allow one-line smiley spam. (this involves moderators discretion)

AFK Moderators

Moderators should move to staff pool if they’re afk, so that owners would know when it is needed to temp moderators.

We are now going to kick moderators who are afk and camping on active pool. This may lead to a demotion.

Using “.|.” (aka middle finger)

If someone sends a .|. it should be automatic ban for 12-24 hrs with or without a name.

Usage of Size

There has been a minor update on the rule for size. Using smileys as avatar should NOT be too big. The smiley should not overlap in the avatar box.



Also, when checking the user’s smiley size, you should always look for the first two digit. Those first two-digits are the smiley size. It should not be over w7 or w77. Please check Size for more information.

Screenshot/Including proofs

If you are not able to get a screenshot, ask someone to do it for you or PC another moderator to kick/ban the user. Also, if you think that the reason you’re going to put will be long, please put the screenshot/proof at the beginning so we could still see it on the Events.


If you would like to report or if you have an issue with other mods, please directly contact an owner. We will gladly address the issue.