Staff Meeting Notes-February 7 and 8

Recently, there was a couple of staff meetings with some updates and clarification. Any permanent changes will be added to the MODERATORS GUIDE.  Below are some brief meeting notes if you were not able to attend any of the meetings. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask Vale, Bryan or Abbie.

Line of Smileys

There was a discussion about changing the maximum number of smileys allowed per post. ONE LINE OF SMILEYS is now allowed.


Spamming is now generally ALLOWED if it is not being abused. Laughing, greetings and names are allowed to be spammed, without abuse. For example, saying “Heyyyyyy” or “Hahahahaha” will now be tolerated. That being said, if the same user continues to spam over and over again, a kick can be done. Also, laughing in any language is allowed. Ex: “hahaha” or “jajajaja” or “kkkk” is okay.


Reporting Scams
Always be sure when you are banning someone for scamming that you include proof and also help guide the user who was scammed to make a ticket or make a ticket yourself.


When screenshotting, try and include the full chatbox in your image and not just a small part of the chat.


Flip smiley
Users using the flip smiley in general is fine. However, if a user uses the flip smiley towards another user, that is considered flame and they should be banned for an hour.


The word “Gay”
The word “Gay” is not considered flame. Ex: “You’re all gay” would be okay to use.


“Go to sleep” and “Shh”
When users say “go to sleep”, it is not considered flame or being rude. This also goes for when users say “Shhh” to someone.


“You’re crazy” or “You’re wild”
Users telling other users that they are crazy is okay. If someone gets sensitive about it, you can simply ask the other user (VERBAL WARNING) to be nice because the other user does not like it.


Smileys in Name/Inappropriate Words in Name
When users have too many smileys in their name, be sure to verbally warn the user before kicking as some may not understand what you mean. If they do not listen, then you may take action and kick them (or ban after multiple warnings). The same process should go for things like having an inappropriate name, pcback etc. The ban time is based on your discretion (something like an inappropriate pcback after warnings could be 24 hours). Inappropriate words in names is a 1 kick warning then a ban if refused to change.


More information will be added to this as necessary.