Trade Tea Talks With Lemona!

 “PFFFF!” I huffed as I walked down the hallway of this building. “Is this the right room? I can’t seem to find it!” I thought to myself. Everyone is counting on me to interview this girl, I can’t mess it up. “Um, excuse me?” I yelled trying to sound nonchalant. “WHAT? CAN’T YOU SEE THAT I’M BUSY HERE?” this girl I’ve never seen before screamed at me. I rolled my eyes “Um, I was just..” just as I was about to finish my sentence I heard loud music beaming through one of the doors, I stood there for a moment and waited to see if it was really what I thought I was hearing. The music got louder and louder as I walked closer to the door. “Is this Ariana Grande’s – thank u, next? THIS HAS TO BE HER ROOM!” I thought to myself. “KNOCK KNOCK!” a minute went by and Lemona finally opened the door, and there she stood, tresses of silky blonde hair were fit neatly into stunning curls. Her deep-set blue eyes looked at you like a puppy dog. The girl had a pixie-like nose that dropped daintily down from its peak. “FINALLY!” I screamed. “Lemona, you have no idea what I went through to get to you, can I come in? I have a few questions to ask you.” I smiled. Puzzled, she looked at me in confusion and opened the door widely “Of course, come in.”

Hello, Lemona. Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. I apologize if you had things to do, but I need an hour of your time. I’m first going to ask you a few questions about your private life.

Hi Bryan, thank you so much for interviewing me. I was really hoping this interview would never happen but here I am anyway! Is it too late to say no?

Uhm, yes it is. So tell me more about yourself. What is your name? How old are you? Where do you live, and what are you studying?

I would rather not mention my name but I’ll tell everyone that it starts with a K.  I am 19 years old, I live in Canada and I am currently studying Business Administration & Professional Communications (and 2 minors… I’m sorry this is like way too long!!)

You’re very well known as “Lemona”. How did you come up with this nickname?

I knew this question would be asked!!!! Back in 2014, I used to go by “Lemon” however Daniela, who was the main owner of Chat at the time, told me I should make my name more girly/spanishy so we came up with Lemona. I’m very thankful for this shortname (thank you Jesse!)

I hear you are a huge fan of Ariana Grande. How did this happen?

I’m not sure how it really “happened” but I just know I became super obsessed with her voice and music. After seeing her live front row in 2015, my obsession for her just got even bigger and bigger. I’m actually going to see her again this year — super pumped!

How many languages do you speak?

Theoretically two (English & French) but four if you count sarcasm and fruit language.

What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing most?

I love spending time with my friends and family. I also really enjoy shopping and sleeping… sleep is not for the weak!

Do you have any fears? What kind of things make you happy?

Um wow, fears would probably be bees, wasps, spiders and losing people that mean a lot to me. I literally run away from bees and wasps whenever they are near me! Making other people happy tends to make me happy or simply going out with my friends and eating food. LOVE food.

If you had to change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

My first thought was something physical – which would be constant stomach cramping/endometriosis. But even more than that, I would like to be less sensitive and more confident in myself.

What words would you choose if you had to describe yourself?

Sedulous, responsible, funny, selfless and enthusiastic.

Who is your role model/person you look up to on xat?

This is actually a really tough question because I have looked up to so many people in the past, mainly Christina and Cupim. As for right now, I would probably say either Lafleur or Junior — their extreme passion for this place and the things they’ve been creating is pretty wild. Although I don’t really know them extremely well, I would also say the admins because from a business perspective, I think their original idea of xat was an amazing business venture and they’ve been quite successful regardless of the current state of their site.

Who do you trust a lot on xat? Who would you consider your best friend?

I really don’t trust anyone online 100%. I’ve been backstabbed, snaked upon and harassed when I really wasn’t expecting it. I kinda don’t want to consider many people my best friend anymore because they all seem to leave me eventually for whatever reasons. That being said, I think my current best friends would probably be Bryan, Junior, Noah. I appreciate them.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? What is the best advice you could give me today?

Never give up and don’t let people bring you down. Fight through whatever comes your way.

Interesting. Now let’s talk more about your role on xat.

You’ve been a part of trade for quite some time. How long has it been? What do you think of Trade’s current management and the team you work with?

Uh, ya. I’ve been a part of trade since around 2015. Christina first introduced it to me and wanted me to be apart of it. I really like how friendly everyone is there. I think the current Trade management is alright, it’s definitely better than what it was before haha. I’m thankful to be able to host contests with Bryan and others, it’s really fun!

You recently became a contributor. What made you apply?

Let’s just say it’s been a long journey. Learn from your past and good things will come to those who wait and work hard. I’m grateful and relieved for the opportunity.

What is your favorite chat?

Hmm.. probably Help. I’ve been going there since late 2013 and it just kinda feels like my home. I still like Trade though.

What is your favorite xat power?

I have too many. Smiley power wise it would probably be between diva, accessory or classic. I also love bump power just to wake people up. Sorry guys!

If you had to change one thing about Trade. What would it be and why?

One thing?!! I would probably employ more Trade staff from English backgrounds just so there is enough mix or try to improve the communication in general. I think that’s two things but okay.

What do you think of xat as a whole at the moment?

Like any business, I think xat has reached a transition phase. During this phase, it’s more-so about changing the business than it is about worrying about the current status of it. Regardless if this place is dying or even growing during this phase, it is crucial that xat is able to transition into a more digital and modern model (AKA HTML5 and mobile). I’m really trying to be optimistic and I wish them all the best with it.

What is your best memory on xat?

Way too many now. Probably my good old 2011-2012 Club Penguin chat days. Shoutout to my Jmann93/Monchocho family (to all that remain…)


Lovely! Do you have anything special to say to end this interview?
The golden rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.


Also, be strong because it is sometimes the only choice we have.


Thank you to everyone for all your support throughout these years and the love and kindness you’ve shared with me (you should all know who you are!) Also, Bryan is boring. That is all. :)

I grabbed my notebook and pen, and got up “Thank you very much, Lemona!” I turn around and start heading to the door, on my way out, I turn off the radio and mutter “Ariana Grande, pff get better taste in music!” I roll my eyes, and leave.