Trade Tea Talks With Mary!

My stomach grumbled as I waited patiently for this sweet woman to arrive. It was a very dark light vibe in this restaurant with people ranging from couples, teenagers and families coming from many different cultures and backgrounds. I’ve never been to a seafood place but the reviews online were splendid. I briefly take a look at the menu to see everything from crawfish, catfish, salmon, oyster and much more. It surely will be a great first seafood experience, I thought to myself. I look up to see this lady walk in… a violet coat, pink heels and holding a red rose in her hand.

Hello, Mary. Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed.I’m first going to ask you a few questions about the wonderful you!

Tell us more about yourself. What is your name? Where are you from? 

Hello Lem and everybody! My name is Mariangela aka Mary for all the folks and virtual friends. I’m a fresh look, natural, uncomplicated woman.. I don’t like to use too much makeup.. I’m Virgo. I enjoy my big and traditional family.. my dear mother, my 3 siblings and a bunch of nephews and nieces. I’m so happily engaged in a beautiful relationship with my handsome boyfriend.. My fav colors are Violet & Pink.. I love seafood, broccoli and pears. I confess I’m chocoholic and my fav flowers are the red roses!
Btw guys, I always do a joke when someone ask about my age.. how old are you? and my answer is like 95% of the times.. the same: 50 years old.. spell out 50 in Spanish is cin-cuenta (it translates to without count) hahaha ok it’s a bad joke.. ik so sorry! :( xD

I was born in Monterrey (one state located at the north of MX.) A group of friends and me finished successfully one important project and after that.. we planned to travel abroad to study and improve our knowledge.. the options were Germany, USA or Canada.. we decided to come to USA.. When I saw for first time the Lake Michigan I really felt in love.. now I’m living here for a decade but also I’ve some plans to return asap to my country Mexico because most of my dear ones and friends are over there.. I hope so, If God’s willing.

What do you do for a living? Do you work or study?

Yes! I have a degree in Computers and we’ve our own business (a small company) My brother manages the marketing and I’m in charge to review sales & publicity on Internet, keep updating the web site and sometimes to do clerical stuff.. taking care of the agenda (appointment reminders, calls, mails, flyers, etc.) but is ok.. I love my job!.. really I do.

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

Hmm it’s not easy for me answer this question because I don’t want to sound pretentious and I so aware that people have strengths and weaknesses.. fine, I’m not a gold coin to please everyone!..
I consider myself a positive and very happy person.. always try to be direct when I express any comments or give my humble opinion.. Most people who known me says that I am a smart, honest and trustworthy person.

How many languages do you speak?

I’m bilingual.. so I speak Spanish and English.. but also I understand a little bit of Portuguese.

Where’s your favourite place in the world?

My fav place in the world is Paris.. The City of Lights or The City of Love.. maybe I’m a very romantic girl :$ also called my attention Istanbul, Turkey. In a future plans I wanna to travel there and visit both cities.

What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

What I love most to do in my free time is watching series and anime on the net, listen music or videos in yt, reading a nice book before to go to sleep.. but honestly I’ve barely any free time.. I usually keep busy.. but I’m a very organized and responsible person and it really helps a lot..  to get extra time and accomplish with my duties and everything else. Unfortunately where I live, the weather is so extreme, it’s a snowy and windy city.. but when we’ve a sunny day.. we can go outside to the mall. restaurants, fairs, zoo, parks or movie theaters, etc.

Do you have any particular story or life lesson you’d like to share? Any piece of advice?

Yes … I’ve had some difficult times and bad situations in my life.. like facing the death of my grandparents who raised and teach me a lot of values and other important things for survive in this world.. also when I was even dying because I had a terrible car accident and I realized that nobody has bought their life and you should live every day as if it was the last one. Please never leave your home without telling the people around you and you care.. how much you love them you never know if it could be the last time.
Do all your stuff with the best attitude and don’t put too much attention for criticism.. Insecure people put others down to raise themselves up.. only a few can support your success without envy all your achievements.

Do you have any pets?

Oh Oh.. Actually I don’t have pets. =) I had a very cute and small dog called “tixtix” but unfortunately he was alone, running away on the streets and he got lost.. later I think he ate poisoned food and died.. I cried and cried so much like a little girl but seriously it hurt me a lot.. after struggle with that I decided and swore wouldn’t have some pets anymore. He was and will be my fav puppy ever.

What does friendship mean to you?

Friendship and cyber friendship is like to have brothers and sisters in every place in this beautiful earth..  simply as using a Pc, laptop or smartphone you can meet and have too many virtual friends all around the world.
The friends I have never met. My friends on-line.. They are so fabulous and amazing people.
It’s strange to have a friend that you have never hugged, shook their hand or looked into their eyes. But you have been touched by their soul, seen the good in their hearts and felt the warmth of their being.
The friends I’ve never met are not only my friends untouched, for I’ve felt them with me I needed them a lot. I’ve confided in them and they’re some of the kindest people I’ve ever known.

Do you have any special friendships online?

Yes! I’ve a lot of virtual friends.. but of course I used to talk and share time with some folks more than others.. basically with people that I met online when I started participating in a long time ago and later when I created and opened my own xat.. we keep in touch through our social networks. For all my friends near or far away from me.. pls never forget how special you’re and thank you so much for your loyalty and being part of this super family and to help unconditionally when we need it.. I’m very grateful because all of you listened and support all my adventures, ideas, projects, contest, jokes and craziness. May God keep blessing each one of you! We love everyone.

Now let’s talk more about your thoughts on xat/Trade.

How long have you been a part of Trade?

I believe I started visiting xat Cambio and then Trade since 1 decade or more years ago and just I become Mod in xat Trade this last year. I’m very proud of it.

What do you think about the xat community as a whole?

We are fine but before we were better because there was a lot of people, usually we had too many users connected and everything was  more fun.. a lot of contests, parties and also the anxiety of waiting for the new power! released the new ones each 2 – 4 weeks.. but now is weekly.  In general, it is always a pleasure to be able to help new users and meet with the old friends.. I’m so confident because we can make that happen and increase the amount of active participants again.

What is your favourite xat power?

My fav power definitely is NOFOLLOW.. I can’t live without having it.. I need it. Believe me is the best xat power ever.. I know is not an expensive power but it doesn’t matter because I love Nofollow and if you don’t want to get married use this one: SINGLE.. hehe xD also I like these:  Amore, Beautifly, Cutie, Fairy, Illusionfx, Kstar, Manga, Valentine, etc.

If you had to change one thing about Trade, what would it be and why?

Well I think like most of the users.. we don’t need a new power each week.. Is too short that period of time.. imagine this.. you are selling the last one and somebody else offering the new test.. a little bit complicated and also confusing for the users. Please designers take your time when you are creating, drawing and painting a brand new power.. to make  a better design for the smilies and test several times to avoid it does any glitch or lag in the xats.For sellers/buyers be alert for the  powers that are on demand.. the most important task to do is keep fairtrade/bots prices frequently updated.. and I hope some day admins lets use pawns for at least 1 month.

What is your favourite part about Trade?

Definitely to know new people.. with other traditions, cultures and different thoughts. I made friends just for sold 1 day to them and believe it or not we still in contact. That’s so amazing!

What do you think of the current Trade management?

We have the better staff and a stronger teamwork.. Now we can notice those changes that have been implemented under the new administration.. Btw I just wanna say thank you so much Bryan to give me this honor and the opportunity to be Moderator in Trade.. is like a dream come true. Hopefully with the best advice and many years of experience from the mains, owners and each member of this big xat Family together we can recover and surely we can make Trade Great again.

We have come to the end of this interview! Do you have any last words to conclude this interview?

Yes!.. the time is over! Now let me share some of my fav quotes:
Distance means nothing when someone means everything!
Please live your life and let others live their way.. if you don’t like it, is ok but be respectful with something that’s not your business.
Finally, I gotta go to listen “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” with the best singer ever ARIANA GRANDE.. ♥

Thanks for this interview sis Lem Lem.. I really appreciate it.. you are so cute!. :$ Remember if you can count.. don’t you? then count with me for anything. =) Hugs & Kisses (hug)(blowkiss)