Trade Tea Talks With Marya!

“Whoa!” I paused on the sidewalk outside of Marya’s apartment complex and gaped at the limousine in the street. “You went all out.” She winked at me “It’s my pleasure!” I laughed and rocked on my tiptoes in anticipation. “All right, sounds good to me. Shall we?” I opened the door and waited for her to hop into the limo first, then I climbed in after. Then the driver slid behind the wheel and we headed out, breaking into a bottle of Armand De Brignac on the way. By the time we pulled up to Tableau One, a hot new fusion bistro that had a healthy line out front and energetic music pouring onto the street, the combination of the champagne and Marya’s personality had me feeling giddy. The limo door opened and the driver helped Marya out, then me. We were escorted inside so quickly with the manager being so gushy and welcoming. We both took a seat as my gaze darted towards Marya.

Hello, Marya. Thank you very much for allowing me to do this. Are you ready to answer a few of my questions?

So, tell me more about yourself. What is your name? How old are you? Where are you from? What is your occupation?

Hello Bryan , my pleasure dear . Permit me to say thank you very much for this interview.  I’m ready to answer you, and in the same time very excited , combinated with happiness.  Is a great sentiment, i can’t explain it. Well I have a story a little interesting,i born in Romania , i’m nationality Spanish, and my family United States , Arizona Phx , let’s say I have a little bit of everything .  My name is Maria, and I am around 33 years old. About my work, let me tell you that I am working in private security and escorts. I was studing veterinary .. but i dont like it , honestly. But this is not my dream. My dream is the National Police, and im in Master for that.I hope this year to finish it, I am the daughter of the military, and more or less all my family has been working on this my grandfather, my great grandfather and I think we are carrying it in the same blood. I also work a lot extra, in the kitchen, waitress, translator … I do not have time for how much work I have.

Who has inspired you in your life and why?

I remember that one day I was in the translator, it was for a woman, who was a victim of crime. Then I saw that this lady was escorted by a woman and a man to protect her. At this moment I said I would like to be like them then I thought, a little more and followed my instincts. And here I am.

How would you describe yourself as a person?

About me, I think I’m a bit ambitious. I have impulses like any other human person. But I have a big heart, which does not fit in my chest.I am humble .  And I fight for loved ones and loved. I have the sensation always, that I have to protect them.

Can you tell me about a situation that was difficult and you were able to overcome it?

In life sometimes not everything is how we want .I was down many times,for breaking off, but thanks to God, only God protect me and i wake again once and once more..

Who do you trust mostly on xat?

Oh my dear my list is little big but is the true: Ramo, Kaay , Emiña , Bandy my love , Iron , Cupim , Bryan , Addo  , Shizuo , Moody , Mafia, Kewin , Blacky ,Bruxi , Mstr , Dan1el. If some from them ask me my pass from my id or my id be sure i trust them :$

What is/are your favorite song(s)?

Ellie goulding how long will i love you //

What are your favorite

Loja , Trade , Ayuda , help and xat to my friend Addo.

What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

Honestly my best gift was when you bought my id for me , i was like crazy person crying .. was my dream , my everythng.Never i cant forget that.

What are two items you would grab first if your house was on fire?

Only my daughter and the doggy and nothing more

What is your destination for the trip of your dreams?

I know europe to much , usa same, my dream is Egypt and Mecca.

Now let’s get more on a serious level.

How long have you been part of Trade for? How do you like it?

It’s a part of my life, from my heart, from my blood. I can say i love trade. I was part from trade like 9 years or little more im not sure exactly. But something so.

What’s your favorite part about being staff on Trade?

I dont have any favorite part, everything i like to much <3

If you had the ability to change one thing on Trade, what would it be and why?
 I want more contests  for users , not so many rules , i think is to much , we need something basic , because in a way or other it affects users  . Change background 1 time per a week

How do you feel about the work you’re currently working with?

It is very nice , i feel good but sometimes it is tired me (if you ask about my real job)  

How do you feel about our new mains, Sydno and Echo?

Hmm that is good point , i see something what i like very much , we are protected more,i mean if someone do to us inapp in an way or other them protect us, not like how we was before.

Is there anything else you would like to share with me today? Any questions?

Not really something i wanna say  thank you PenGordo :$for this oportunity . Now i want to tell you something it is my interview right ? So i can considerating im free to say everything , Bryan please keep your staff how you do how you did , please from us from who love you , never change !!
Let me add something you dont ask me about me team :$ it is barcelona and the best in the world , many friends told me a woman how can love it , i dont know but is my best team woman how can love it , i dont know but is my best team                                             Vvs25Z7.png

I looked at her empty plate and then back at her and smiled. “Thank you again for allowing me to do this!” as I put my napkin down. I got up and leaned in to hug her, then grabbed my notebook and left.