Trade Tea Talks With Witness

This was a pretty full flight. The itinerary said we would arrive to Spain at 1:30 p.m. I looked over at my watch, “Only 13 more minutes till the plane lands.” I thought to myself. I kept going over the questions in anticipation, I was so nervous to meet her. After what seemed like an eternity, the plane touched down to the cheers of many passengers. “This is it. She’s waiting for me outside.” I said to myself. I got out of the plane, and went through customs then emerged through the sliding doors to a huge crowd of people waiting for their friends and relatives. “Where was she?” I started scanning the crowd looking for her. I walked over and saw a girl with coils of whiskey blonde hair that flowed over her shoulders, blue-ish green eyes with feigned innocence and glossy skin. “I think that’s her.” I whispered to myself. Her crescent shaped eyebrows inclined slightly as she saw me staring at her. I yelped at being caught. “Um, Witness?” I looked over at her. “Yes?” She had a bouncy personality and a sugary voice, which I adored. “Hi Witness, it’s Bryan, I’m supposed to interview you, I hope you’re ready, where shall we go?”

Hello, Witness! I’m elated you’ve accepted my interview. Please start telling me briefly about yourself. What’s your name? How old are you? What’s your nationality, and where are you from?

Hello! It’s my pleasure to be interviewed by you! My name is Ana, I’m 18 years old and I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital city, but I’m actually Spanish and I’m currently living on the very south of Spain.

How would you describe yourself as a person?

I would say I’m a geniune person, who is very hardworking and friendly. I do my best to accomplish my goals, and sometimes I can be really stubborn.

How did you come up with the name “Witness”?

That’s a very interesting question that many people tend to ask me. “Witness” is the name of the fourth Katy Perry’s studio album, and also the first track of this album. I used it as my nick because that was the song I was listening to while registering my account, and I decided to make my forum profile based on this album’s style. And that’s it, (nothing to do with Jehova Witnesses as you can see, thank you :p).

What is a typical day like for you?

My life is pretty boring, I don’t do nothing special at all. My daily routine is: I wake up, go to school, come back home, study, do some exercising, read a book and when I have some free-time I just either read the news or go online and end up connecting to xat.

What irrational fear do you have?

Having my credit card declined when there is a long queue at the supermarket or the import ending up being much bigger than expected. It has never happened to me but who knows.

What chance encounter changed your life?

I don’t remember any chance encounter changing my life, actually. To me that only happens in the films to give more excitement to the plot, but definitely not in my life!

What gives your life meaning?

Music and… yeah, music definitely.

What are the top 3 things you want to accomplish in your life?

Becoming a translator and language interpreter, buying myself a big mansion and publishing a poetry book.

Who do you trust mostly on xat?

Well, privacy is really important to me, so I don’t share very personal information through here, what happens on xat stays on xat! However, I do trust most of the users I have added to my friend list, such as Pia, Junior or Marya.

What are your favorite chats?

Trade, Noticias, Ayuda, Hablar and Game. I frequently visit those chats, but sometimes when I’m bored I might go to a random promoted chat.

Now let’s get more on a serious level.


How long have you been part of Trade for? How do you like it?

I became a permanent member in December, I think. Since then, I have been actively helping at Trade. I really like it, since I get to know a lot of people here and I am very glad that I can be helpful.

What’s your favorite part about being staff on Trade?

That is the typical question that is hard to answer. I’d say that I don’t have any favourite part, I love everything about Trade; the users, the staff, the complexity of the chat itself, how the system works… It’s hard to choose one! But I am very happy to be part of the staff team, coexisting with all the users that visit Trade, being able to help them and meeting new friends is very enriching.

If you had the ability to change one thing on Trade, what would it be and why?

Maybe the fact that sometimes there is no staff and we members can’t do anything but warn. I would suggest to temp-mod us automatically with the bot, but maybe there’s a reason why we are not. Speaking in general terms, to me everything is perfectly fine at the moment.

How do you feel about our new mains, Sydno and Echo?

I think they are very responsible, since they take their role seriously and doing a fantastic job at the moment.

Is there anything else you would like to add to conclude this interview? Anything you want to share?

I think that’s it. I would like to thank you Bryan for interviewing me and everyone who has taken their time to read it. Best wishes!

I gave her a wide grin and shut my notebook. “Would you like to grab some lunch?” I smiled. “Sure! There’s a great place around the corner, let’s go.”