Updates For Staffs

During the staff meeting, the moderators and I discussed some important regulations and changes that needed to be put in placed. This post serves as a reminder to all staff members and the other staffs who didn’t attend the meeting.

Here’s a few various ones that I would like to list off.

  1. Moderators kicking for discussions in main chat.
  2. Moderators sitting in pools that are afk (away from keyboard). 
  3. Users selling powers for more than it should be. (Very important)
  4. Moderators not splitting pools.

The following 1-4 will be discussed and how we should handle this.

First off, users are allowed to have minor discussions in main chat, but if it’s causing any type of disruption in main chat, then they should be asked to stop right away. However, if they continue, then a staff member may kick him or her with! The reason – Disruption!

If you’re a moderator and you’re unsure if the user is causing disruption, then contact another moderator for their opinion. (DO NOT BE BIAS)

Secondly, being afk’d as a moderator. If you are going to or plan to be AFK, then you should go into the staff pool and allow other users to be temp-modded! Instead of clogging the pools. This would allow more moderation and more staffs to help watch over the chat!  There will be kicks happening for this. (However this is not put in place yet)!

Thirdly, users selling powers for their prices.  If you see a user selling powers for their prices, then you  as a moderator should ask them not to disrupt Trade’s market.  If they continue, then staffs are allowed to take actions and that includes; banning, kicking and or verbal warning – Talking to the user. (A verbal warning is a kick as well, by the way!)

Here’s an example of their: Bryan: selling the Purple for 30,000 xats.  This would be consider their price, and would not be allowed, even though they own the power.

Users should be selling accordingly to Fairtrade or prices for that users are buying for.

The actions that staff should take if they see this is giving a verbal warning (kick or talked to). If they continue, they would be banned for it – 1 hour.

This was not put in place yet as a RULE.

Last but not least, moderators not splitting pool – Owners are really tired of asking moderators to split pools! By making scrolls in chat. Moderators should always split pools looking for a pool that needs moderation.

We (Owners and Main Owner) should NOT be asking you to split pools 24/7.  This becomes very bothering sometimes. (We will start to look into users who are not doing this)

So other moderators are allowed to ask other moderators to split pools if necessary.

The following moderators are allowed to do this: Dope, Yovi, and James! Owners too and Volunteers.

So please comply with them, thank you.

If you have any questions or comments, then feel free to message me at http://xat.la/message

Thank you for reading.