Staff Meeting Guidelines

This page is to inform how staff meetings will work. Please read all the instructions below.

The new staff meeting system will work as follows:
  1. The staff meetings will be made whenever the main owner/owners feel the need to have one.
  2. Each user will have their moment to express their concerns and ideas.
  3. All comments redirected to the concerns and ideas of another users should be made in a courteous manner.
  4. The respect must be given at all times, so we avoid provocation or unnecessary drama.
  5. The user who does not respect the users who are expressing their ideas or concerns may be suspended and/or demoted from the staff.

Your thoughts can be shared at ANY time on the following goofle form:

If you have any topics or concerns that you feel should be discussed at the next meeting, do not hesitate to bring it up or talk to a owner about it.