Reporting Scams/False Trades

In this guide, we will be showing you how to report scams and false trades.

Reporting Scams

To report a scam, you will need sufficient proof that you were scammed. When taking screenshots, there should be a full screenshot of the chat showing all of the messages, and another screenshot when you click on the user and their ID and messages are visible. To view an example, click here.

If your scam occurred on the Trade chat, send your proof to a Trade moderator or owner and they will take the appropriate action within the chat. With your proof, open a ticket under the Report Scam Help topic. Ensure that your ticket subject is 5 or more words. Opening a ticket under Report Scam is free and all users should not have a problem with opening one. If for some reason you cannot open a ticket, contact a Trade moderator/owner or visit the Help chat.

If you’ve already been scammed and forgot to take proof, you can still open a ticket with information regarding the scam and a volunteer/admin can look through trade logs however, there is NO guarantee you will be refunded.

Reporting False Trades

When reporting false trades, two screenshots will be needed: one in main chat and one in private chat. Screenshots should include the users register name and identification /ID number.

For example:

One screenshot showing the offer in main chat and another screenshot showing their false offer in private chat.

When you have your screenshots, private chat a mod or owner on the chat. They will analyze it and take further action if necessary.  Do not accuse others in main chat, all kind of reports should be done via private chat and not in main chat. Accusing users in main chat will not be tolerated (even if the accusation is genuine).

Note: These screenshots were only used for examples. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask a mod or owner.