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How To Become A Trade Staff Member

Trade members, moderators, and owners earn their rank by being active on the chat.

You must follow all rules, users who often break rules and complain that they’re not getting member, or temp-moderator will not be considered, because in order to become one, you have to enforce rules on the chat, and follow the rules yourself.

Main points on becoming a member:

  1. Do not ask for rank.
  2. Follow all the rules that the Trade chat has.
  3. Be active (Doesn’t mean you have to be here everyday, at least 2 hours a day works. Remember it’s quality, not quantity)
  4. Enforce rules as much as you can to show that you’re helping.
  5. Try to report scams and broken rules to moderators / owners.

The more you follow those rules above, you will be noticed, and in time might become a member!

You will get promoted by showing determination, and your level of maturity.