The Official Guide to Scams

Scamming is an attempt to steal xats, subscription days, powers, or accounts from you. Scamming comes in as many shapes and sizes as the scammers themselves. In this guide, we will be showing you the most popular scamming techniques.

Pro-tip: When using safe trade, always pay attention to the trade engine and don’t get distracted by the main chat or other private chats. It is important to stay focused.

Trade Changers

The general idea is, the scammer makes an offer, usually a very good offer. Then, you both enter your offer in and you accept, while the scammer does not. They then attempt to lower their own offer or change their offer just before you accept. However, this rarely works, as xat has taken many protective measures against this. Also, look out for scammers who will put days in the xats box instead of the days box.

Trade doesn’t work!

Some scammers will attempt to convince you that the trade engine doesn’t work. They will then tell you they must use transfer, and you have to transfer first. NEVER TRANSFER FIRST. I repeat, NEVER TRANSFER FIRST. ALWAYS USE SAFE TRADE.

Duplicating xats/days/powers

In this situation, scammers will try very hard to convince you that they can duplicate your xats/days/powers and that the only thing you have to do on your part is trade/transfer the xats/days/powers to them. Many users get scammed through this method. The scammers may even show you fake videos or screenshots showing that they have done this before, or even go on the trade engine and show you their powers in pairs of 2 or 3. You must always remember this is NOT and never will be possible because no one can generate as many xats/days/powers as they want.

Borrowing powers

Some people or even “friends” may want to borrow your power for a minute, and you decided that they are trusted enough to lend it to them. They run off with the power, and you never see it again. Please note that xat does not support the lending of powers. If you do decide to lend the power, you could ask for xats in return.

To learn about how to report a scam, read the Report Scams guide.