Safety Tips

Remember that:

  • Volunteers will NEVER ask for your xats, days or powers. Volunteers are rewarded for their services through test powers, which are distributed by admins. Volunteers will not ask for further rewards.


  • Volunteers will NEVER ask for your password. They do not require this information for anything (nor does any user). The only times that volunteers will ask for your information is if you request a ticket opening (they would ask for your ID, username and the email address associated with your account) OR if you have a ticket open and they ask you within the ticket to answer security questions – in this case, the information should be provided within your ticket.


  • Volunteers will NEVER private message you on the chats to inform you that your account is blocked for illegal activity. Volunteers have no reason to do this – all account block matters are handled within tickets.

The following are examples of something FAKE:

NOTE: If someone is impersonating a volunteer (or even a wiki editor, etc.), please ignore them and report them immediately with evidence. Proper evidence may include two full chat screen grabs. The first screen grab must have the messages in their entirety. The second must have the user ID and registered name with the messages partially visible. If you are concerned for your safety, please change your password immediately.


Please also be vigilant of clicking suspicious links from random users and check the Volunteer wiki page before you contact a volunteer. You may share this topic/information with anyone who is worried about a fraudulent user.